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Women dancing at Mahila Kishan Mela at Chakdi, The fair was organized by Yuva Jamshedpur,
Women dancing at Mahila Kishan Mela at Chakdi, The fair was organized by Yuva Jamshedpur (Pix: Uttam Acharjee).

Jamshedpur: Yuva Jamshedpur organized a Mahila Kisan Mela (Women Farmers’ Fair) in Chakdi village of Potka block in East Singhbhum district of the state of Jharkhand, India.

The fair was organized with the help of Global Greengrant Fund (GGF). In all, more than 300 women farmers participated in the fair.

More than 25 stalls were put up in the fair, which were displaying different agro products, handicraft, traditional seeds. Besides these, there were many stalls which exhibited the different micro enterprises and micro-businesses being run by women self-help groups, like goat rearing, vegetable farming, poultry, rice and wheat production and Mudhi (puffed rice) production etc.The fair was inaugurated by Ambika Sardar, the lady Mukhiya or village head of Chakdi panchayat and Barnali Chakraborty, secretary, Yuva formally by lighting a lampion.

Women participating in Women Farmers's Fair at Chakdi. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee).
Women participating in Women Farmers’s Fair at Chakdi. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee).

Barnali, secretary, Yuva said that this fair organized in Chakdi village is unique in the sense that it has been organized keeping the women farmers in mind. She said that normally agricultural fairs are not organized for women farmers. She said that this fair is an effort for encouraging women to become self-dependent and start their own enterprise.

She said that women should make efforts to prove themselves in the area of micro enterprises. She said that women self-help groups can prove effective in showing a way to rural women.

Narendra Kumar, treasurer, Yuva said that some four-five years back when Yuva had started working in this panchayat area, the women would not venture out of their houses. But, the picture has completely changed during the last four-five years.

Mahila Kishan Mela by Yuva Jamshedpur
Mahila Kishan Mela by Yuva Jamshedpur (Pix: Uttam Acharjee).

Today, women are not only participating in most of the social activities, but are also chipping in with useful suggestions. He said that more and more women are trying to become self-dependent which shows that the entire village is inching ahead on a path of development and progress. He said that the nation can be happy and progressive only if the women of a family are self-dependent.

In her address Ambika Sardar, village head, Chakdi panchayat said that the women of Chakdi panchayat have become more empowered and more self-dependent. She said that all this has been made possible only due to the unceasing efforts of Yuva workers who worked hard to bring empowerment to women self-help groups of the area.

A quiz and different other competitions were also organized in the fair. The winners of different competitions were also given prizes.

Gutu Galang Samity, Nachosai won the prize for best entrepreneurship, while Sugum Horen Mahila Samity was declared the best women’s group for puffed-rice business. Similarly Johar Akhara Mahila Samity, Chakdi was awarded for goat rearing and Ahla Mahila Samity, Jhapan was awarded for and rice production.

Farmers showing their products at Mahila Kishan Mela organized by Yuva Jamshedpur in Chakdi
Farmers showing their products at Mahila Kishan Mela organized by Yuva Jamshedpur in Chakdi. (Pix: Uttam Acharjee).

Under the individual enterprise category, Jayanti Sardar was given prize for shop, Niyati Sardar of Nachosai for mushroom production and Chuna Sardar of Chakdi too was awarded for mushroom business.

The best stall prize went to Rilamala Mahila Samity, Radur, Baru Umbul Mahila Samity and Mahila Vikas Samity.
Sabala Sardar, of Sidirsai, Salomani Sardar of Chakdi and Happy Sardar of Podahatu were given prizes for best home gardening.

Those who worked hard to make the women farmer’s fair a grand success included Arup Mandal, Abhishek Sardar, Khelaram, Chandmani Sawaiyan, Hemanti Sardar and Pramod.

Here is the gallery of more photos from the Kishan Mela. To view, click the gallery.

(Credits: All photos by Mr. Uttam Acharjee, Jamshedpur).


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