IIM, Indore student lauds Yuva initiatives

Harendra Kumar, student of IIM, Indore having discussions with Yuva members

Jamshedpur: We attach special significance to accolades and words of encouragement from young people. This is because we ourselves are an organization of young people. And if the accolade and encouragement come from a student of IIM, we will certainly cherish them for a long time.

Harendra Kumar, a student of IIM, Indore worked with Yuva members between 9th January,2012 to 13th January 2012. During this period he participated in several programmes and added valuable inputs for smooth running of JTDS, SSP and Community School being run for Sabar children as well as the Library  Programme.

Being young and enthusiastic, he gelled very well with the young members of Yuva, who are always looking forward to meeting brighter minds and are always eager to learn from others.

Harendra Kumar, student, IIM, Indore

This is what Harendra has to say about his experience with Yuva and its activities: “I had a small stint at Youth Unity for Voluntary Action(YUVA) as part of my SBM course curriculum at IIM Indore.As a non-government organization,YUVA has faciliated the empowerment and development of tribal people living in villages in and around Potka.

The organization has been very active in areas of primary education,community development,adult literacy and environment awareness. Under the Jharkhand Tribal Development Scheme(JTDS), it has successfully  implemented various programs in forestry, agriculture, woman empowerment, land & water management and education of Savar children.The impact of these programs can be particularly seen in villages of Chakri,Radur,Tangrain and Podahatu.”

We do hope that after completing his education, Harendra would utilize the experience he gained during his stint with us in a positive manner.


  1. Good work Dear Harender , and keep this good work .. -Amar ( colleague)

  2. Gud work Harender.. kudos & kip it up.. 🙂 #Classmate @ IIMI

  3. Nice work Harendar, I guess this SBM initiative really helped everyone you worked with…

    1. Really? You believe so? By the way what all have you learnt at IIM to be so confident that your initiative would help everyone that you work with? Please!!! Come out of your management guy pride-shell. I have never seen any IIM student contribute in any positive manner to anything. Leave alone someone from IIM Indore. Yes, I know top IIM guys get fat packages. But, your institute will take years to make it to the IIM mainstream…wake up guys and go read a few books!

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