Savar children on trip to Jamshedpur city

Savar Children of Kislay inside Sanskriti Train to learn about Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore's life and contributions.

Jamshedpur: Savar children of ‘Kislay’ were taken on a 3-day fun-trip to Jamshedpur town. In the town, they visited Jubilee Park, enjoyed themselves  at Ganesh Puja Fair, saw the Sanskriti train at Tata Nagar Railway station and then met and played with other children of Jamshedpur.

For many of these children,this was the first opportunity to come out of their village in Tangrain. All the children were not only very happy, but they also learnt a lot. For them the trip to Jubilee Park was the most enjoyable.

Normally, Savar children are reticent and do not talk much. But they slowly opened up and many of them struck friendship with the city children that they met with during their trip.

Talking about the trip Barnali said that the trip was successful in the sense that it provided them an opportunity to see the world outside. She said that many more such trips would be organized in future.

Savar children of 'Kislay' on trip to Jamshedpur city. The local newspaper Ispat Mail carried a story on the front page on Savar children's trip.

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