Workshop on water conservation at Parsudih tomorrow

Jamshedpur : Water is soon going to be the biggest issue in the steel city of Jamshedpur. Water-worries are inundating the discussions as far as the people living on the outskirts  of Jamshedpur are concerned.

Water crisis looms large in Jamshedpur

There is a severe water crisis in Parsudih, Karandih, Haludbani and other rural areas on the outskirts of the city. To make the people aware about the importance of conserving water, a workshop on water-harvesting would be organized at Pramoth Nagar near Vivekanand Apartment.

The workshop is being organized by District Council vice-president Anita Devi.
The workshop would be attended and addressed by the newly elected district council members, Mukhiyas, Panchayat Samity members and ward members.

Speaking to the mediapersons at Krishna Janaki Complex, Jugsalai, Anita Devi said that an appeal would be made to the people to reduce wastage of water and other help in conserving water.

She said that the social organization YUVA is extending full support for making this workshop a huge success.

Addressing the press conference, Swapan Majumdar, Sunita Sah, Barnali Tiwary, Arun Ekka, Prabharam Munda and Uma Shankar Singh said that if the corporates do not supply water to the rural areas through tankers then they would launch a militant agitation against them. They said that there is severe scarcity of potable water in the rural areas. This is because if unequal distribution of water and drying up of water bodies.

They said that the availability of water can be ensured with the government and corporate help, but if the water sources dry up, it would be difficult to procure water. There is a need to save water bodies. They said that water harvesting can prove useful in this effort and the people would have to be made aware of this.


  1. Please post about the workshop and different ways to reduce water wastage and water conservation/ rain water harvesting. Even in Bagbera Colony there is huge water crisis and i think we need to go door to door and make people aware of rain water harvesting. Everyone in Jamshedpur is facing water crisis, but they are waiting for someone to take some steps, but now we cannot wait for someone. Every individual has to come ahead and make this happen.

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